Isabella Lè Miliae designs are all about creativity, high quality fabrics and classy but eye-catching details. The combination of both classic and contemporary is the cornerstone of all Isabella Lè Miliae designs. Although we class ourselves as a resort-wear brand, the kimonos we design are made to be worn throughout all four seasons. Silk is the dominant fabric in the Isabella Lè Miliae clothing line due to its strong protein structure. The fabric is resistant against dirt, has hypoallergenic qualities and its own natural heat regulating feature; silk keeps your skin cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The versatility of our products and the premium fabrics chosen to produce them undeniably show that our kimonos are timeless pieces for any woman’s wardrobe.


In general kimonos are too easily stereotyped as a swimwear product; most people associate kimonos with translucent beach cover-ups or night robes. However, the word ‘kimono’ itself in Japanese means ‘clothing’, and became a popular item for many reasons, but mainly for their inherent versatility. Kimonos can easily be layered or altered to suit any season and remain in keeping with Japan’s clothing history. Isabella Lè Miliae kimonos are therefore designed to be multi- styled and can be worn however your heart desires. Even the belt of our kimonos can be easily turned into the headband. The kimono is a must-have item in your wardrobe and will ensure that you avoid those pesky ‘nothing to wear’ situations at home.

However, the word ‘kimono’ itself in Japanese means ‘clothing’, and became a popular item for many reasons, but mainly for their inherent versatility.


We aim to show how much styling potential kimonos actually have! To throw it over your bikini is the easiest way to wear it, but you can easily style it as a top, dress or a blazer. We presume you own that amazing black leather jacket which goes with anything and that is everyone’s must-have, right? This is exactly what we are trying to achieve; we will prove to you that an Isabella Lè Miliae kimono is that timeless fashion piece that you will wear countless times and is worth investing in. Follow #isabellalemiliae on Instagram to see what we are talking about or to get some inspiration.


Isabella Lè Miliae is a British fashion brand born in Manchester where both of our founders are based. Renata is Lithuanian who spent some time living in Cyprus. Juan is originally Kurdish and spent most of her childhood in the Netherlands. As they have both experienced many different cultures and lifestyles, they strongly believe that the fashion industry definitely is in need of more versatile garments that could be worn not just for one outfit, season or year.